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The magician shows a slate divided into six equal squares. The three squares on the top are closed with a hinged door. He makes 3 predictions and writes them in the 3 closed squares. He then asks 3 different spectators to make 3 different wishes and writes them in the open 3 squares. He then uncovers the upper squares... Voila!! The predictions match with those wishes made by the spectators.
 An awesome trick which will amaze the most discerning audience

Slate has black background, so you can use chalk (white or color).

PRICE:- 58.00 US$          POSTAGE FREE



The magician shows a slate divided into six equal squares. The three squares on the top are closed with a hinged door. He makes 3 predictions and writes them in the 3 closed squares. He then asks 3 different spectators to make 3 different wishes and writes them in the open 3 squares. He then uncovers the upper squares... Voila!! The predictions match with those wishes made by the spectators.
An awesome trick which will amaze the most discerning audience.

Slate has WHITE background, whiteboard marker (any color).

PRICE:- 61.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



Show a very nice "cut-crystal" clear plastic glass. Fill the glass with milk. Magic pass. Turn the glass over and white silk flutters out. The milk is gone!!

Or, fill the glass with Orange Juice. Magic pass. Turn the glass over and out flutters an orange silk! The juice is GONE!!

It looks absolutely amazing. You won't believe it when you see it!

Even when you know how it's done, you won't believe it!! The method is so clever. I sell them, and I don't know how it works! But it does work. And, it's really easy to do. And, it looks super. What more could you ask for??

Complete with the glass, instructions, and that "special something."

PRICE:- 22.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE



Milky Die is a very different type of transformation trick, where a solid magically changes to a liquid, and then back again. The performer displays a solid white die, measuring some 3.5” on all sides. A black cover is shown empty, (it is just large enough to fit over the die), and this is placed over the die. The cover is now lifted up, and the contents tipped out. There is no die in the box, but a glass full of milk! The milk is then poured back into the cover, which is inverted. Instead of the milk pouring out, the original die emerges from the cover. It is a solid die. The apparatus is made in Imported acrylic, self contained, and mechanical in use. It comes complete with instructions & Free Gift Item" MILK MAGAZINE FAKE".

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                     POSTAGE FREE



The Conradi Tube is an utility prop more than a hundred years old, with more potential than most magicians realize. The original apparatus comprised of a glass cylinder, partitioned by a double sided mirror. Modern materials like Acrylic and Perspex makes for a less fragile prop.
The Tube we supply is made from Acrylic, far more durable than glass, with Acrylic mirrors. It is a very handy size, for use with large silks, or other items, clearly visible on a stage.  We also added to the original concept two flat caps or covers, one or both of which can be used for effects that require this. This enables you to use the tube with confetti, pop corn, beads etc. or cap in a large silk, when the effect so requires. These Caps can easily be pried open, and are a snug fit, and will stay in place under normal handling. With one cap fitted at the bottom, you have the equivalent of a mirror glass, enabling you to perform many of the tricks requiring a mirror glass. The clear cylinder makes for a strong illusion. 
You can use the tube to visibly transform Silks to a Blendo or a Flag, make silks multiply, perform an "Acrobatic Silk" or Sponge Ball routine (like the Monkey Bar), separate mixed confetti to separate layers of different colors and much more.
Supplied with several routines and application ideas. 

PRICE:- 29.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



The Mirror Box is one of the most popular production props for Magicians, because of its ease of use and best stage for stage. This is small version of big one, it measures 5”X5” in performance the box rests on your table. Magician lift it in his hand the box facing the audience and open the door on top then the door in front. The audience sees an apparently empty box with open front and top. He close the doors then start producing silks & flowers through the top opening. At any time during the production the box can be closed, reopened to show that it is empty. It can be closed again and you can continue producing items.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



In effect three cards are selected by member of the audience, and shuffled back into the pack. A spectator holds the pack. Performer displays a large sword. Spectator is asked to toss the cards at the sword. As the cards cascade down, the performer plunges the sword into the shower of cards. The spectators see three cards impaled on the sword. These are the same cards selected by the audience. The sword is completely constructed from brass, chromium plated silver finish. Handling practice required. Complete and ready to work with instructions.

PRICE:- 65.00 US$ - SUPER                                                       POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 45.00 US$ - REGULAR                                                POSTAGE FREE



Do you want to perform the Torn & Restored Newspaper effect, but it is quite difficult? Well your wait is over. This one is very simple Just imagine displaying a full-sized sheet of newspaper, just fold it only two times, And cut the corner it make a diamond shape then burn completely this diamond paper in front of audience with wave of hands instantly the newspaper will restore back to original. Newspaper Tear is perfect for the working performer, no need for tape, glue, scissors, fuss or muss-just the incredible gimmick that easy to use. You receive the specially gimmick & ready to use newspaper. Comes the set of 3 newspaper complete with instruction.

PRICE:- 22.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE


The magician talks about the famous "Bottle and Glass" trick, showing two cylinders, one bottle and one glass. The bottle and the glass are covered with the cylinders and the Passe Passe Glass and Bottle is performed where the Bottle and the Glass repeatedly change places. Then something goes wrong (?) and the Bottles start to appear when ever a cylinder is lifted. It gets funnier and funnier as the magician eventually finishes with EIGHT solid Bottles. Powder coated metal cylinders and seamless bottles complete with labels that resemble real bottles. The effect can be performed surrounded on any table. There are no steals or body loads. A self- contained effect that requires a little rehearsal and some attention to the timing and presentation. One of the greatest Stage comedy effects in Magic, this is supplied with two cylinders, necessary bottles, and detailed instructions.


PRICE:- 78.00 US$ - ECONOMIC                                             POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 110.00 US$ - SUPER                                                    POSTAGE FREE



A lit pipe at the magicians’ fingertips multiplies to two, then three and finally four pipes. Pipes can appear in both hands (up to a total of 8 pipes), or jump from hand to hand. Supplied complete with the special mechanical metal pipes in power coated so it is long life. Comes with full instruction..

PRICE:- 34.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE



This is a Color Change effect, where a Foulard changes color several times. Simple and mechanical in working, and the complete secret is in the special foulard supplied, requiring you to do nothing more than perform it !
You show a Foulard held at the corners, and stretched flat between your hands. The Foulard is shown clearly on both sides. You whip it, and the Foulard changes into an entirely different color, and is again shown on both sides. This is repeated again, and again, so that the same Foulard has been displayed on both sides in four different colors. And if you wish you could reverse the process, and have it go through another series of color changes, as often as you wish.
We supply the special mechanical foulard that makes the effect possible. If you use a pinch of confetti with each change, this will fly out when you whisk the Foulard, making for a nice visual effect. If the confetti is of the same color as the color of the Foulard being transformed, it will create an impression as if you are whipping away the colors.
You could perform this as a running Gag between tricks. After each effect, you announce "and now for my next effect, the famous color changing bandana ...". You change just one color, leaving the Foulard on clear view, so that there is no suspicion of an exchange. The fact that the Foulard changes to a different color every time you repeat this will enhance the mystery, as you repeat it. We supply the special satin foulard, ready to work, with full instructions.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



There have been many effects where a lit candle is passed through one or more silks criss-crossing in a tube.
In this classic effect, a silk passes through a candle flame, without harm, and without any type of cover.
The effect is made possible by the special candle supplied. This is a mechanical candle, the working of which will be obvious as soon as you handle it. We also supplied a suitable 12" silk. You can use any other larger silk, or one of your favorite color. Complete with mechanical powder coated metal candle and silk, you can put this in your act right away.

PRICE:- 29.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



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