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A lighted match is tossed into a rich looking velvet bag. Instantly the bag fills with the fire, as flames leap from its mouth. Second later, the bag is turn apart. Instantly, the fire is gone, and a live dove flies out! Again, a flower bunch is produced from the bag. Instead of a dove, you can produce a small rabbit & other livestock. Fire bag is beautifully made of velvet, and measures 10"x 12". It can be teamed each time with the Velcro strips in effect.

PRICE:- 33.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE



Here is an amazing fire trick used by professional magicians. With these 2 gimmicks you can hold your hand up and produce a large flame. You can then pass the flame from hand to hand and make the flame disappear when you want! Great for all kinds of magic shows or just to impress your friends with fire. You get 2 gimmicks one for each hand. Small enough you can hide easily in your hand. Easy to use.
PRICE:- 30.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE


The fire fan is most effective fire item, which is affordable also. It is totally new designed item and more economical compared to other fire effects.
show hands empty on stage. Then produce a rod having fire at tip from your coat! Then instantly the fire splits into 6 fire rods! You can produce it from your coat, silk, bunch of flower, newspaper etc.
The fire fan is made in aluminum, powder coated for long life. Fan holder, which you can attach in your coat, is provided with set.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE


Magician displays an empty hat. Then he performs some magical movements. Immediately, fire flames produce from hat. Magician tries to stop the flames... but flames again and again come out! Now comes the most startling of all ... Instantly, the fire is gone, and Magician produces a bunch of flowers from hat. Instantly, ribbon comes out with force form hat. Then flowers are come out rapidly one by one just like a fountain! Then two large flower bunches are produced from hat. At the end, again the hat is shown empty to audience. The Ultimate in Fire production effect. Instead of the above load, you can use the Fire hat to produce a silk fountain, garlands, and even a rabbit or small dove! The Fire Hat is beautifully made of plastic, and measures 5” (Height) & 6.5” (Diameter), so it can be used over and over again. The fire is under your control at all times. It’s a powerful effect, a great addition to your stage act. It comes with a Hat, Fire production mechanism, and the production load-three large bunches of metallic flowers, a ribbon bundle, and two dozens of free flowers.
PRICE:- 65.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



The performer shows a simple "wallet" or folder made of board. He shows the wallet empty, closes it, then opens it again, and two flowers appear when the wallet is opened again. The flowers are removed, the wallet closed, and when opened again another two flowers all a different colour appear. These are removed, wallet closed, and opened to produce another two flowers. The effect is repeated over and over again, till you have produced five pairs of flowers from the empty wallet. The flower wallet works on a most creative topological principal, so that even when you perform this effect you will be mystified at how it works. We supply you the very special flowers in different colours. The flowers make a very eye-catching three-dimensional display, when produced, but the wallet can be used with many other items, like currency notes for example. Use it for a playing card prediction, where you reveal the correct selected card in stages, with the prediction changing every time, till it is matches the selection. Flower Wallet comes to you complete with five pairs of coloured spring flowers, plus complete handling instructions and routines for a choice of use. A very novel and effective item, modestly priced, and easy to carry in your pocket. BIG SIZE AVAILABLE


PRICE:- 22.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE



Are you looking for a top quality magician’s top hat... Look no further we can supply the finest available to magicians. Perfect for magician’s personality. It may use for production. Designed for full dress formal wear. Constructed in Quality fiber plastic well finished .


PRICE:- 30.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



Magician holds a stem with six feather flowers on it. The bottom three flowers are RED, top three are YELLOW. Placing your hand over the bottom flower, you slowly slide your hand over each flower from bottom to top. Magically, the flowers now alternate: red - yellow - red - yellow - red - yellow, but your hand is absolutely empty! Wiggling your still empty fingers, you pass your hand once again over the six flowers from bottom to top! The flowers now appear exactly as they were originally with the red on the bottom and yellows on top. Performed this way, there is never a set-up because the second movement resets the trick. Comes with instruction. Come 2 Nos.

PRICE:- 20.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE



The magician shows an empty wire basket, which the spectators can see through. It seems impossible this could conceal anything. In an instant, without cover of any kind, the basket fills completely with a huge bouquet of flowers.
The Apparatus supplied by us consists of a special mechanical brass basket, plated silver/coloured, and a bunch of special Spring Flowers made for this prop. The flowers fill the basket completely, making for a great visual effect. Perform this as a quickie, 10 tricks in ten seconds, or to tapping. This is a new rationalized model, which greatly enhances the illusion. It comes to you at a very reasonable price. Very easy to do.

PRICE:- 35.00 US$            POSTAGE FREE


Performer come onto the stage carrying a top hat and a beautiful cane. A flick of the wrist, and the cane transforms into a stand with tripod legs. it is now the table base. Top hat is placed over cane, and "magnetically" adheres, giving you a "table" for your silks, cards, balls, gimmicks, etc...  

This is a beautiful prop and very well made.

Metal cane and folding top hat supplied.

PRICE:- 111.00 US$         POSTAGE FREE


This could be a feature effect for any type of magic act. Performer displays several lit bulbs (LEDs) on a display stand. They are removed one at a time and dropped into a tea cup, along with a piece of flexible wire. Everything is now "swallowed", the cup being shown empty. Finally the length of wire is pulled out from the mouth, with all the lit bulbs threaded on it.  Completely new effect, suitable for every age, easy to do, and totally safe & Battery operated. A visually stunning effect! A must buy!

The apparatus supplied is complete with the stand, cup, all the bulbs, batteries and routine.

PRICE:- 40.00 US$               POSTAGE FREE



The Foo Can is a utility apparatus, which can do with liquids, what a change bag can do with solids. You can use this to vanish a quantity of liquid, or produce a quantity of liquid, or even change one liquid into another, for example water into wine, or water into milk etc. This Foo Can is only 4 1/2 inches in height and made from stainless steel to give you a non-rusting prop that will maintain its gleaming silver appearance for a lifetime. Yet it holds a sizable liquid load, making it suitable for any liquid effect involving the vanish or production of a liquid.

PRICE:- 32.00 US$                       POSTAGE FREE


Linking Rings 10 Inch - One of the oldest and most baffling effects in existence. It's a great trick when properly presented. The Linking Rings are made of solid steel, and are guaranteed to be the best quality available. They are carefully fabricated such that the welds are all but invisible.
Each ring is perfectly symmetrical, sounding a beautiful tone when hit together. Comes complete with 8 rings and the routine. With Velvet  Bag.

ALSO AVAILABLE 12", 8", 6", 5" Linking Rings.

10 " PRICE:- 50.00 US $              POSTAGE FREE


This fools the smart ones. Slate that can be freely examined before and after the effect. Classic effect: Give a card to spectators from card deck. Show two chalkboard slates, which are blank on both sides. Place a small piece of chalk between them, rubber them up tougher by a small rubber band. When the slates are reopened, the name of selected card from a card deck appeared on the slates! This prop gives you a non-stupid method to reveal mysterious writing during your routines. These slates can be used in LOT of different ways. The secret flap lies perfectly on surface of slate. Moreover, since the flap is magnetically locked, you can hand over the slate to spectators for close examination before or after performance. Slates are very well made with dry erase surface. dimensions are 6˝ x 8˝. We will supply two slates set, along with instructions. Highly recommended.

PRICE:- 40.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE


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