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Harry Leat Created this effect, Run Rabbit Run is a classic children's effect, and several models have appeared over the years, with various animation features. It is a mechanical effect, where a Rabbit placed in one house (compartment) magically travels to another. What makes this a hit with the kids is the animation of the rabbit, which is seen to run from one compartment to the other when the performer is not looking, or peep  over the side of the compartment as this is being shown empty. It finally vanishes from the frame, and re-appears in the performer's pocket.
The model we now offer you has some of the best features of existing models, plus some.
It is a large stage size, (nearly two feet wide), suitable for use with any size of audience. Ideal when they have the complete school, and not just one or two classes of students for the show ! Sturdily made in wood, (not board) and laminated, with screened design.
There are several animation features built into this model. A rabbit can be made to appear or vanish from behind either door. It can be seen to travel from one door to the other. It can be seen to peek from behind a door. There are 4 rabbits built into the prop for the animation, plus 2 for the original vanish and reproduction. 
Children's performers will find this a great addition to their repertoire. And as always, the model we offer is outstanding value for money. 

PRICE:- 71.00US$                                                                         POSTAGE FREE



Cascade Coils/Hand Coil made of Mylar and is flashy. It unwinds fast and  looks like miles of thin streamer  pouring out of your hand. (Glitter #10)

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE



A real magician produce everything by magic so, why pike up silk from your table when you can make them appear in a very magical manner? For an instantaneous production of up to 12” silk. The crystal silk box can’t be beat! Four sides show a crystal clear box. The box is 4” square, and you can see right through it. In the blink of an eye, the box fills up with silk. It’s very quick and visible at distance. Use your own silk comes complete with instruction.

PRICE:- 27.00 US$            POSTAGE FREE


A brass box is shown. This has a hole in the cover and inside the box are a number of coins. A spectator is asked to take out the coins but is incapable to do so. The cover revolves freely on the box but cannot be removed. Unless you know the clever secret.

The box will grip coins of any size. Old English penny or U.S. half dollar coin.

You can also use any other object, such as a finger ring, earring, die, folded bill etc. or any item small enough to fit into the box but not so tiny that it can be introduced or removed through the hole in the cover.

PRICE:- 20.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE




The Magician walks out on stage holding a beautiful high-gloss Gentleman's walking cane. He taps it on the floor to prove it is solid. Then with the wave of his hand the cane comes to life and magically starts to dance and fly completely around the magician. The cane appears to have a life of its own. Metal Cane & Comes # 2

PRICE:- 25.00 US$            POSTAGE FREE



An empty aluminum pan is covered with a top, and immediately uncovered & produce chocolates, prizes, a number of silk scarves or streamers, flowers or even a live baby chick!

You can also show the pan empty, break an egg into it, add some salt, sugar & cover it - say the magic words - when uncovered you've baked a small cake which you cut and pass out to your spectators!

Easy to do, instructions included.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$        POSTAGE FREE


Four clear transparent glasses of varying sizes are shown. Each glass is approximately twice as large as the previous one. The smallest glass is filled with some milk. When the contents of the smallest glass are poured into the next bigger glass that is twice as big as the smallest one, it is found to have completely filled up. The milk has magically doubled itself. You are able to double the milk twice more. Absolutely astounding!!

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE


What could be more impressive than producing a flaming lit torch emitting a shower of silver sparks! Well, as if that weren't enough, you magically multiply the single torch into two lit torches!! It looks unbelievable!
Use it as an opening effect, producing the lit torch from a cone of paper! Use it as a production item from your favorite production box or tube. Perfect as a climax to any type of fire routine! Great as a finish to the Multiplying Candles! The torches are beautifully made, light every single time, and are really easy to handle. The ignition method is an industrial flint-wheel, designed for high reliability!
The torches are fueled by petrol or ordinary lighter fluid, the spark shower uses Sparkle Additive. If you use fire in your act at all, Double Lit Torches are for you! It comes to you with instruction.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



A special pull for vanishing, and later reproducing a cigarette. Special design retains cigarette in vanisher. Supplied with instructions, requires handling practice.

Also available LIT CIGARETTE PULLER. You can vanish lit cigarette.

PRICE:- 24.00 US$               POSTAGE FREE


This is the one of the classical magic effect.
Performer displays three silks of different colors. Each silk is shown separately. Performer just shakes his hand Then amazingly a dove appears from tree silks.
You may produce a dove or bunch of flower. Easy to perform it comes completely with special gimmick &instruction.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE


The magician shows an empty bag both from the inside and the outside. Then he produces the eggs from the bag, right under the nose of the bewildered audience. Very easy to perform. A must for any comedy routines. We also have an Ultimate Egg Bag that has a see through net and comes with two wooden Eggs.

See on Zipper Egg Bag Also.

PRICE:- 20.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



Magician shows a long clear acrylic tube containing a stack of colored beads. You empty the beads into a bowl to show that they are all separate and unattached. Both the acrylic tube and the beads can be inspected. One by one, the beads are dropped back into the tube. When the acrylic tube is full, the beads are tossed up into the air and the magically all beads linked together to form a necklace! The ENCHANTED NECKLACE is a strong piece of magic that can be used with a wide variety of presentations. A very well made prop, that is totally mechanical, and very easy to do.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE


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