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The performer displays a nut and bolt, which can be thoroughly examined by the audience. This is placed isolated on the close-up case, and the bolt visibly un-threads off the nut. The effect is most uncanny. The spectator may himself pick up the nut and bolt off the case, and examine them. The effect can be repeated as often as you like. You can even work it in reverse, having the bolt thread into the nut instead of threading out. This does not use any of the traditional methods - no strings, springs, rubber bands, wires or pulls. Although gimmicked, the nut and bolt will stand the most rigid scrutiny, as there is nothing attached to the nut or bolt. This is an improved version of our Ultra Bolt & Nut Miracle, introduced several years ago. We supply you an attractive close-up case Approx(13" x 8" x 2.25"), with a velvet top which also serves as a close-up mat. You can carry your other close-up items in the case, and perform them on this case, followed by the miracle effect for the climax.

PRICE:- 75.00US$                                                                         POSTAGE FREE



Most spectacular flower production made!

This has visual impact big enough for any stage yet can be done in your living room! You display an Empty tube, spectators can seem through both ends. Approx. 4.75" wide X 11" high, superbly hand painted, resting on a tray or table.

A small blossom or seed (you can use blooming blossom (single) effect first & dropped into the tube) is dropped into the tube from the top. Tube is lifted & the small flower is seen to have changed into a large approx. 16" x 16" flower hedge plant filled with gorgeous multi-colored flowers!!!

Completely self-contained, easy to do. Do it surrounded. You can do many variations.

Unbelievable price!

PRICE:- 55.00 US$                    POSTAGE FREE




Crafted of the FINEST STAINLESS STEEL! Crafted of seamless heavy gauge stainless steel that will last you a lifetime! Not ALUMINUM likes our competitors. This pan’s NO lightweight! Talk about SOLID construction - this baby weighs ALMOST TWO FULL POUNDS! Our classic design pan has FEATURES not found on pans made by others: FULL size DOVE PAN Crafted of seamless heavy gauge stainless steel that will last you a lifetime!

PRICE:- 40.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE  



Classic dove pan is now available in brand new design! It's slim enough so that spectator thinks it is impossible for anything to fit in the pan. This one is having a large number of possible effects. Classic effect: The magician displays a large (9-inches round) aluminum pan and opens it, showing the inside empty. He takes a paper, fires it up and puts it in the pan. Then he places the lid back on, snaps his fingers and when he removes the lid again, a live dove (or rabbit or any other object which fits inside) appears! You may use a flower bunch for production. You ca use it for a ribbon fountain effect (which is available separately). It can also be used for production of anything in your routine…Well, almost anything! High-quality aluminum construction, with powder coated, slick red color. Automatic- having air hole on the lid for livestock.

PRICE:- 35.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




Magician shows a simple white rope and he make a knot on rope with magical flash flower bunch appears on rope at center, comes complete with instruction.

PRICE:- 24.00 US$               POSTAGE FREE


This is quick, colorful, visual opener. The performer enters carrying a magic wand. He turns it horizontally and holds it by the ends between both hands. Suddenly a bunch of flower appears, encircling the center. The wand is made in aluminum & plastic (power coated finish). Comes wand, flower bunch with complete instruction.

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE


This trick is really best for small stage show It is New Advance Effect of older trick flower on rope. Magician shows a simple white rope and he make a knot on rope with magical flash flower bunch appears on rope at center, Again with magic it changes to a beautiful garland, Comes with special gimmick and full instructions.

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE


This is a production prop for producing a Dove, or a baby Pigeon.
Performer shows a tray freely on both sides.  Visibly and in an instant a Dove appears on the tray.
If you wish you can transform a Silk into a Dove or a Balloon can be placed on the tray, which bursts with the Dove appearing on the tray.
The apparatus supplied by us consists of the special tray complete and ready to work.  Although this has ample space to conceal the Dove, the special tapered construction and velvet lining make it appear much thinner than it really is.
This is a new model of the prop, much improved in quality and finish to our previous model, and supplied complete with instructions.

PRICE:- 60.00 US$ - Super Flower Tray                               POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 50.00 US$ - Regular Flower Tray                               POSTAGE FREE



This is classical flower tray. Performer shows empty tray & bunch of flowers appears on one side of tray, again he shows tray empty & instantly bunch of flowers appears on other side of tray. Made up of with teakwood. Dimensions:- 11”X 11”
Also available Four time flower tray.

PRICE:- 42.00 US$           POSTAGE FREE


This is the excellent Flying & Revolving Carpet illusion that we have ever seen. It is quality made from the supreme materials. 

A small platform on casters is wheeled out anyplace. On it is a two-fold screen holding up a prop carpet. Anyone up to 120 pounds is placed on top with their legs crossed. You can also use this as a one-man effect. Two chrome swords are shown and propped under the carpet. Then the screen is pulled out from under the carpet, off the platform onto the floor Apparently the swords are holding up the carpet. Now, the swords are removed and waved around, as the subject and carpet remain floating in mid air. A solid hoop is passed over the carpet and subject to show that no visible means of support is used. The screen is placed back under the carpet and the subject steps down.

This can be worked most anywhere! You can use it on the patio, beach, rumpus room, living room, floor, platform and stage. Packs flat and weigh only about 40 pounds. Many other presentations are achievable. This is superiority from start to finish. Hula-hoop not included. A lot of magic at an unusually low price!! with 2 swords.

PRICE:- 350.00 US$                                                                     POSTAGE FREE




Magician shows a large (7”X14”) picture frame. Inside the frame is a plastic solid mirror. Performer knocks the mirror to prove that it is a solid piece. Then frame placed in a cloth bag (Made by velvet). Now a large knitting needle is pushed right through the bag-penetrating mirror! BAM! It is pushed through several places! Next the frame with the mirror in it is bent right in half! It’s as if the mirror had become flexible! The mirror is straightened out and immediately the frame and mirror are removed from the bag. It is found to be totally solid! Comes complete with frame, bag, Kittening needle & the complete Routine. Beautifully made Quality prop.

PRICE:- 40.00 US$              POSTAGE FREE


This is an economy plastic model of the Classic Sucker Die Box, with all the features of the more expensive wooden model and some extra features built into it. A compact size, easy to carry around, yet large enough for school show or platform use, the box measures 5" x 2.5" x 2.25", with a die 2" cube.

The performer displays an empty double compartment box, with doors on front and back of box, and a solid die. The die is placed in one compartment, and the doors closed. The box is tilted, and your audience hear the die slide from one side to the other. So they are not impressed when you open the door to show the die has vanished. They ask you to open the other door. You tilt the box again and open the door. They heard the die again, and even those that missed it the first time are now convinced they have caught you out. Repeat a few more times, milking it for what ever it's worth. Finally open all four doors, to show die has indeed vanished. The audience can see right through the box. The Solid die is found in a hat or container.
Complete and ready to use, with full instructions.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                  POSTAGE FREE



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