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A nice-looking wooden box is shown. It has a slot on the top and bottom similar to a bank. A small plexi sheet is placed on the bottom of the box making a penetration impossible. The box is close tight. A half dollar dropped through the top of the box and falls right through the bottom slit! The box is opened and the plexi sheet still remains. Not possible? Not if you know how!

PRICE:- 22.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



This is a very deceptive production item, where a pyramid shaped production box is completely opened out and displayed inside and out. The box is differently colored on the inside (blue) and outside (red). Panels are folded back into position, and a large variety of silks, spring flowers, paper garlands, sponge balls and other similar items are produced from the box. 

A sturdily constructed prop, made of ply, decorated. Comes complete with illustrated instructions and handling techniques.

PRICE:- 35.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




Magician shows beautiful stand on which the necklace is displayed. He then removes the necklace and covers the empty stand with silk. He now takes the necklace & keeps it in an empty shown small cloth pouch & say’s his magic word & suddenly the necklace vanishes from the cloth pouch. The magician then remove the silk from the stand & magically necklace reappears on the stand as it was before. Completely new and effective trick for stage & party come completely with instruction.

PRICE:- 29.00 US$               POSTAGE FREE



Lance Burton performed it on national TV. Now you can too. In effect the performer has a Cage with a Bird in it  between his hands.  He can walk into the middle of the audience, and ask a member of the audience to place their hands over the cage.  The cage is suddenly tossed up, and both cage and bird have instantly vanished.
The effect is a classic performed by several of the great magicians of all times.  Several varieties and models have been used, and what we offer you incorporates the best of technology, materials and workmanship.  The cage we supply has all six sides, and can be stood up right on a Table or Tray, or handled with one hand.  Yet it works fast and smooth for the vanish.
It is made from Brass sections, and plated.  It comes to you complete with the necessary 'pull'.
The Vanishing Bird Cage is not an easy item to perform, and will require considerable handling practice before you can perform it confidently in front of an audience. Perhaps more people will buy this as a classic magic item, -it is one of those props you can proudly add to your collection, or sell for much more than you paid for it a few years from now.
But for those wishing to perform it, this Cage has all the advantages of being a most practical model, and comes to you complete with everything necessary to enable you to try it right away. Very good value for money.

PRICE:- 45.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




A nicely painted wooden box is shown. A dove (or rabbit etc.) is shown and placed in the box. Then the top of box is removed, followed by center and flap below. Spectators think the dove is in the base, but base is taken up & folded, the dove is gone! It is made in plywood, well finished, and completely foldable for traveling convenience. Highly recommended.

PRICE:- 80.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



A colored silk is removed from a decorated box held by a spectator. The Magician vanishes the silk, and claims the silk will magically re-appear in the box.
When the spectator attempts to open the box, it falls to pieces, with the silk attached to top of box dangling in spectator's hand. Will draw a laugh from any audience. Handsomely decorated wood box, complete with silks and instructions.

PRICE:- 45.00 US$             POSTAGE FREE



Performer displays a flat shaped board on which paint house is written. Then he opens and shows it is empty inside, after it puts the picture of flower bunch and closes the flap. When the flap is opened the original bunch of flowers is produced from inside. Performer picks up the bunch of flower, and puts the white silk inside the flap. When again he opens a real dove is produced form the house. Again the house is shown completely empty.

PRICE:- 40.00 US$              POSTAGE FREE



A visual transformation! Display a see-though transparent plastic tube. Show three colored silks- red, green & yellow and push them into tube one by one, they are clearly visible to audience. Toss the tube in the air, catch it, and now remove the silks….. Wait a second - silks are now transformed into colorful flower spray! The tube is clearly empty!! VERY Effective & economical. Comes complete with silks, tube, flowers and instructions.

Comes With 2 Sets.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



These are the deluxe made color changing silks. They come in both single and double color changing models.

With the double you can wear two colors in your pocket as a regular attractive men's handkerchief and anytime during your performance you can look down, say that you don't like those colors with the suit you are wearing and change the handkerchief into two different colors. The single one is basically the same but uses only two colors.

Self contained and very easy to do. Also great for clowns and lady magicians.

Comes With 2 Sets.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



A full-size 12"x8”x7” rectangular Bird Production Cage. Show a nice birdcage, which is empty- nothing is inside. Place a large balloon inside the cage. Then just a magical mantra abracadabra …. And the balloon bursts and a bird is appears inside cage! Great for production! You can use it without balloon also. Can be used in your routines. The cage is made nicely in metal & wood, with top ring to hold. Completely self-contained in nature. Comes with full working instruction.

PRICE:- 101.00 US$       POSTAGE FREE



You show an empty clear glass. Just a magical flash… and a red silk is appears in the glass! Comes with glass, silk & complete instructions. Nice visual effect at VERY economical price, a must purchase!

PRICE:- 25.00 US$               POSTAGE FREE



There are other productions from an empty bag. This one is different, with great visual appeal, in addition to the "magical impact" of the production.
The performer displays an empty bag. The audience can look right into this, and see it is completely empty..
Reaching into the bag he produces a solid block in glitter color. 
Then another block pops out of the bag, and another ... a total of six blocks in six different glitter colors
All the blocks appear solid, and can be displayed on all six sides. They are constructed to instantly pop up when released, you have nothing to do - not even lift them up. And they retain their rigid shape, making for a very impressive production from an empty bag.
You get everything required, - the paper bag, (gimmicked so you can show it empty inside), and the six special production blocks with instructions. 


PRICE:- 25.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




A very handsome prop, precision machined from Brass, engraved and plated in Gold,  which with a little care will last forever.
In case you are not familiar with the Bill Tube, here is the basic effect. A Bill is borrowed, and the owner asked to make a note of the number, 
and sign it, if he so desires. The Bill is folded, and given to the owner to hold, wrapped in a Hanky. The performer now produces from his pocket a solid "gold" tube, which is locked. The Keys for the lock are handed over to a spectator, (or if you like, they could be handed over prior to your borrowing the note), and the Tube is also handed over, or placed prominently on display.
The performer walks up to the spectator holding the Bill, and whips away the Handkerchief. The Bill has vanished. The spectator holding the Keys is asked to unlock and open the Tube. The spectator finds a Bill within the Tube. He is asked to pull it out, and hand it over directly to the spectator who loaned you the Bill. He finds it is the same Bill and can confirm this by his signature, and the serial numbers.
A careful examination of the Bill Tube will not reveal the ingenious working.
This is a more ornamental model of the classic Bill Tube, which we also produce. It is an intriguing prop, and if you like fancy props, the price difference is very reasonable for the extra "dressing". Supplied complete with special tube, lock and instructions.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




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