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A large size model of Carnival Ribbons, where from a bunch of colored ribbons swished in the air and shaken, you produce a live dove. This large model can be used to produce larger items like a large pigeon, beer bottle or a large bouquet of feather flowers. A self contained production item, made with ribbons, and over four feet long.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$               POSTAGE FREE



A Sensational one-man illusion that is baffling and mysterious. The Chopper can be performed completely SURROUNDED! Imagine placing a carrot in the wrist opening of the stock and cutting it in two with one easy thrust of the blade. The spectator places their wrist in the same opening and the blade passes through the wrist without harm. The frame can be opened and shown devoid of trickery. The blade extends beyond the frame, allowing the audience to keep track of it at all times. Once the stock is locked about the spectator's wrist there is no way to harm them. The illusion requires no assembly and is supplied with steel blades. Well finished in wooden design.

PRICE:- 58.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



Magician shows three-sided panel. In each part, center swivels out which allows the audience to see through it. Then he forms a triangle with this panel, and produces different loads like silks, flowers etc. three heterogeneous loads can be produced such as flowers, milk glass and paper, with some livestock such as dove and rabbit. Very effective mini illusion.

PRICE:- 65.00 US$                                                                      POSTAGE FREE



They can now be placed on the table, put in a glass or better yet have a spectator hold them in their hands. The magician now take a red silk and vanishes it using a change bag, bang gone or any method desired.

When the magi takes hold of the protruding ends of the blue silk and pulls them apart, there tied between the two silks is the red silk that had previously vanished.


Comes with free Magic Gift "Silk To Egg".

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE




A most unbelievable effect! Remove a shining silver plated sword from its sheath. ***You can shred a soft fruit To prove its sharpness! Your assistant comes in front and you run the sword through her body! Spectators can see it from front & back of spectators. It looks really wild! Size of sword is 2. It is shiningly nickel-plated. The sheath is nicely decorated and covered in velvet. The secret is in the gimmicked belt, which is to be *worn on body, so no need to wear it under cloths. It is nicely made in velvet & designed. A great visual penetration!

PRICE:- 60.00 US$           POSTAGE FREE


This is a flute, which you use like you would your magic wand. Instead of wave your wand, blow a few notes through the flute to make your magic happen. This is particularly appropriate with a Rising Card effect, or an Indian Rope Trick type effect (Wonder Rope, Hanky Rope, Stiff Rope etc.). You could also use it through out your act for all your effects as you wish. For the finish, the flute is held outstretched between your hands, and vanishes in the flash of an eye! This works just like your Vanishing Cane or Candle. We supply you the Flute in two parts. The body is in the form of a striped coil, with a head that locks the coil in the stretched position. Play around with the prop and you will find it spells a lot more entertainment than the extremely modest price would lead you to expect.

Comes with free Magic Gift:- Vanishing Candle - Plastic & Vanishing Cane - Plastic.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE




A black and white house is freely shown on all sides. The house is covered with a wooden squire tube that is shown completely empty. The tube is beautifully painted in bright colors. When the tube is removed, the house has completely colored! It is yellow, blue and red. Now, the top of house in opened and a dove or load, such as flowers, silks etc is produced from it. The inside measurements of the rainbow house 8x5x5. It is beautifully painted in vibrant colors

PRICE:- 95.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE




Demonstrated using a solid 1/4" diameter iron nail, some 5" long. The nail is pillow in a piece of rubber tubing, and held between the performer's fingers. As the performer concentrate, the nail slowly bends in a mysterious fashion, almost to right angles. It is then straightened, removed from the tube and shown to be rigid and solid once again. With a little flair for presentation, this is a knock out effect, performed right under the spectator's nose.

Comes 4 Sets in Amazing Prices

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                POSTAGE FREE



A round mirror in a wooden frame is examined by the audience.
A star trap is now swiveled over the center of the mirror, and a pigeon or Dove passed right through the middle of the mirror.
If you do not perform with live stock, you could use this illusion to pass your hand, or a large sausage balloon, or any similar item through the mirror.
Finally the star trap is removed, and the mirror shown to be completely intact.
The apparatus we supply is complete and ready to use. It comprises of a mirror in a circular wooden frame, and a stand to hold this upright.
Although the working of this illusion is the same as the classic "Pigeon Through Glass" illusion, the modified circular design and use of the mirror make this a more baffling and convincing illusion.
Collector quality prop.

PRICE:- 90.00  US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE





Here is one of the most sensational blindfold methods we have ever seen.
The performers display the bag, which is examined by audience. Then permit you to see it.
When you are fairly blindfolded with bag, you can see! You can drive a car, read a numbers on bills, describe objects etc.
This is best for out door & indoor. This can be used in your show for publicity purpose.
An excellent trick which can be examined before and after the performance.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                 POSTAGE FREE




BENGAL NET is a dazzling illusion that can be done close-up or on stage. A large net is suspended by a wooden pole and held at arm's length. A live dove, rabbit or any item of that size is placed into the net. All of a sudden the net falls open and the animal is GONE! This trick is for everyone.


PRICE:- 35.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



Wonderful trick! Close up magic! Easy to do. Make a flower appear and disappear on a empty branch of flower.

PRICE:- 5.00 US$                POSTAGE EXTRA



The performer places his Wand across a pair of mugs, opaque glasses or clear tumblers. He lifts up the wand, and the mugs or tumblers cling to the wand in a mysterious manner.
Although there have been similar "Anti-gravity" effects, this special mechanical wand has its advantages. There is no secret clip over the thumb, and the glasses or mugs are suspended at a considerable distance away from the hands holding the wand. The glasses (or mugs) are unprepared, and can be examined. You can make the mugs or glasses hang from the wand, or balance over the wand.
The wand supplied is self contained. It is made of metal, with the secret levitating mechanism built into it. 
You can use most light weight plastic glasses or mugs, or even other disposable glasses like Coffee Cups, Styrofoam Cups etc. Glass glasses are not suitable for this effect. The wand cannot be examined, but it appears just like a regular Magic Wand. The photo illustrates exactly what your audience sees. 
A new and novel effect - at a very low economic price. Comes 2 Sets.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




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