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This is a very effective way of introducing yourself as a magical performer. No invitation required to perform a trick! Use it any time - and you are guaranteed to impress your audience with your "magical powers".
You place a blank business card in a clear sleeve, showing it clearly on both sides. Instantly, and right under their nose without any cover or false move the card is printed into your Business Card. The card is removed from the sleeve and handed out. The sleeve is shown empty once again.
You can also use this sleeve to produce the image of a selected playing card on a blank playing card.
We supply you the very special Sleeve responsible for this miracle effect along with a playing card to enable you to practice the effect. You would use it with your own Business Card, or any regular Bridge size playing card for a playing card effect. 
Complete with the incredible sleeve and performing instructions.


PRICE:- 7.75 US$                                                                          POSTAGE FREE




A good-looking key is removed from a small bag and placed on the magicians out stretched palm. With nary a movement or word from the surprise worker, the key slowly and mysteriously rolls over on command! There are no threads, wires or other connections to the key. The key is then placed under a handkerchief or napkin where it continues to move and rise under the cloth. The key is taken from the handkerchief and waved up and down as it appears to bend and straighten between the magician's fingers ultimately reaching a permanently bent form.

Complete examination of the key is allowed at any point during the routine.
Comes complete with instruction sheet, handling practice require. 


PRICE:- 10.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




A different deluxe machined brass prop for a classic effect.

The performer borrows a coin, which can be marked. It is covered by a handkerchief, and given to a spectator to hold. 

He now removes from his pocket a brass box, which is placed on the table, or given to another spectator to hold.

The handkerchief is whipped away - the coin has vanished. 
The spectator holding the box is asked to open it. Inside is another brass box. And inside that a third. And then a fourth !
And finally inside the fourth brass box is the same marked and borrowed coin.

Comes Complete with Nest of Boxes – Set of 4 & instruction sheet.


PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




This is an antique production cabinet that can be shown empty in a most convincing manner, by permitting the audience to look right through the cabinet with both front and rear doors and the top open. Close the doors and you can produce a very sizeable load of magician's production props, including small live stock. The cabinet is hand crafted in teak and teak plywood, and finished to resemble an antique cabinet - like grandfather's clock case!

PRICE:- 90.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




This is one of the most amazing close up "illusions" to have appeared in recent times. In effect a playing card in a clear plastic sleeve instantly changes into a completely different card without any cover. You may also use the sleeve to produce or vanish a card. The change is visual and takes place in an instant under the audience's nose. You can hand over the changed card for examination, and show the clear sleeve completely empty at the finish.


PRICE:- 7.75 US$                                                                         POSTAGE FREE




A gorgeous table that is used during performance as a prop, then table covered with a large beautiful cloth & it is starts to levitate to a reasonably high height by the magician by just holding two corners of the cloth, the table then comes to a rest. The magician can freely show his hands and then once again, cause the table to not defying gravity but also dance in a circular fashion, and side to side. Finally while the table is floating the table comes to rest and the magician removes the table cloth from the table and walks away.

NO Threads or Magnets! It can be performed surrounded beneath any circumstances.

Even spectator can make sure the table while it is floating condition.

Comes ready to do with attractive case & full instruction sheet    FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE !


PRICE:- 111.00 US$                                                                     POSTAGE FREE


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