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This is a compact and portable illusion, which makes a bigger audience impact than many larger and more elaborate props. Two Skewers, shown to be solid and rigid are passed criss-cross fashion through a spectator's neck.

An alternate and slightly more saucy presentation for an adult audience would be to pass the Skewers through a lady spectator's thigh!

Although similar in effect to the Sword Through Neck, this will baffle even magicians familiar with the basics of that effect. The Skewers are shown rigid and solid. They criss-cross at right angles, and you push them in one at a time! No assistants, you can use any spectator.

Supplied complete with Special frame (that does it all), the Skewers in a handy carry bag, (which hooks to your belt or trouser for the performance), and everything you need to perform it right away.

And its easier than you think, you can put it into your act the day you get this, though for an illusion of this nature, we would recommend a little more time for thought to the presentation. And the price is very reasonable, much lower than what you would expect for an illusion of this caliber. The dimensions are: 12” x 12” x1.5”.

PRICE:- 95.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



The Sand Frame is a classic prop, where a picture magically appears in an empty photo frame. A mechanical prop. This is a large Red colored model photo frame, approximately 10 inch x 8 inch with a picture area of 6.75 inch x 4.75 inch. Can be used with jumbo playing cards, or any pictures of this size. Comes to you complete with instructions and many presentation idea. Made in wood material.

PRICE:- 50.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



Magician shows a silk & simply waves his magic wand over it & instantly the silk vanishes into thin air! It's a really great and flashy effect that anyone can perform. From a seasoned veteran, to a newcomer to magic, this wand is easy to use and a sure way to grab the attention of your audience. Comes #2 Wand & Silk.

PRICE:- 30.00  US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE



The Sand Frame is a classic prop, where a picture magically appears in an empty photo frame. A mechanical prop. This is a large gold colored model photo frame, approximately 9.75 inch x 7.75 inch with a picture area of 6.75 inch x 4.75 inch. Can be used with jumbo playing cards, or any pictures of this size. Comes to you complete with instructions and many presentation idea.

PRICE:- 30.00 US $                                                                       POSTAGE FREE



The actual Chinese Snow Storm is a beautiful paper tearing effect, adequately explained in the Tarbell Course and in one of Dai Vernon's books. It has undergone many variations in presentation and many present-day performers use just the production of the snow storm as the climax to an effect or routine. 

          In effect, the magician fans his closed hand with an oriental fan and produces a huge amount of flying paper flakes which creates the illusion of a spectacular snowstorm!


This beautiful effect is now available with white star snow flakes which give an even more magical atmosphere!       Supplied with full instructions & 3packets. Each packet # 10 ready-to-use pieces.  

PRICE:- 25.00 US $                                                                  POSTAGE FREE



This is classical flower tray with addition of effect. Performer shows empty tray & bunch of flowers are appeared on tray again it shows empty tray and second bunch is appeared on it. Effect is repeated on other side & totally 4 bunches of flowers are produced. Made up of with teak wood & in attractive hexagonal shape. it comes complete ready to do ( Flowers are not supplied) Dimensions:- 13.5”X 13.5"

PRICE:- 50.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



A solid, metal, antique-looking key is displayed. The magician then proceeds to do the impossible: he grabs the bit at the end of the key and rotates it 360 degrees around the shaft! Then, the magician slides the bit back and forth along the shaft. Finally, with the bit resting near the head of the key, the magician hands everything out for examination. The bit is permanently affixed to the shaft near the head of the key!

Supplied with two keys, special gimmick, and instructions.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



The Devil Hanky is a very useful accessory, for vanishing any item, like a watch, coin, ring, anything up to the size of a full deck of cards. It resembles an ordinary handkerchief. Gather the four corners, drop the item to be vanished inside, then whip open the hanky, and the item has vanished. You can freely show the hanky on both sides, stretched out completely flat. Our model has been tailored to specific proportions, to enable you to get more from this useful accessory. You can now also use it for productions. Gather the four corners of the empty hanky, and use it as an impromptu bag for your cigarette or flower production, or even a coin production routine. For the climax, a whole lot of cigarettes, or coins or flowers pour out of the hanky. A very useful prop for any performer, with many applications, this is well made and comes with instructions and ideas for use at a very affordable price.

Comes #2 Handkerchief.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE



The magician shows an empty Pan, and drop a piece of lit cloth or paper inside. The pan is covered and when it is opened a live Dove or small Pigeon, or other similar live stock appears. This is of course just one possible effect, as the Dove Pan is a classic Magic Prop and several routines and presentation ideas with this have appeared in magic books and magazines. You can use it to magically "Back a Cake" or turn an egg into a chicken, and so on. This is a large size dove pan approximately 9" in diameter,6" in height and a pan depth of 2.75") Red colored powder coated.

PRICE:- 45.00 US$ - SINGLE LOAD                                        POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 50.00 US$ - DOUBLE LOAD                                      POSTAGE FREE




You can use this as a milk glass - you apparently pour a glass full of liquid into a paper cone, from where it vanishes.
Or hold the glass out at arm length, and place a straw in your mouth. Now, as you suck through the straw, at the other end - the liquid visibly diminishes, even though it is three feet away. Or you can have an assistant hold the glass at one end of the stage, while you suck through the straw at the other end - and the liquid visibly diminishes. Or have a puppet or Vent doll "drink" the liquid! Comes #4 Wonder Glass.

PRICE:- 26.00 US$                        POSTAGE FREE



A card is chosen, noted and signed, and replaced in the pack. A gleaming stand is shown and an inflated balloon is placed in a holder, while the deck of cards are placed at the base. At the magician's command, the balloon bursts with a loud bang and in its place is the selected, signed card. Hand crafted in brass, chrome plated apparatus that can be dismantled for easy packing.

This model has a completely different mechanism that releases the lever just by a tap of the finger or magic wand over the balloon or on the ring holder of the balloon. Supplied with instructions, use your own deck and balloons.

PRICE:- 29.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 45.00 US$ - JUMBO                                                     POSTAGE FREE



We believe that this is an original principle for color prediction.

A rectangular board is standing upright on a table. In the board there are four large holes in which small inflated balloons of different colors are lodged. The performer declares that he has pasted a prediction label on the rear side of the board just under the colored balloons, which he wishes to save. After each balloon is burst (freely named by the spectators), the only one that remains matches with the magician´s prediction.

Any kind of balloon can be used. Anyway we supply the item along with 20 balloons. No force is required, Board size: cm. 46 x 28

PRICE:- 65.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



This great trick is a real show stopper. The performer picks up a clear glass and a can of soda. He begins to pour the soda into the glass when suddenly he reaches up to scratch his head and the glass REMAINS SUSPENDED IN MID-AIR!! The audience will howl with laughter and amazement as the soda continues to pour. A REPUTATION MAKER!

*NO BODY ATTACHMENTS. This trick can be performed at a moment's notice at anytime during your act. Comes to you new in the package w/instructions.

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



Polka Dot Silk, Large Dots

Polka Dot Silk, 33 Inch x 33 Inch. The performer shows a large silk which is a solid color on both sides. He tosses a number of paper spots into the air, and as they flutter down the silk is swirled in the shower of spots. When the silk is now shown on both sides, it is polka dotted, the paper spots having apparently fused on it. The effect can be repeated in reverse, where you show the polka dotted silk, and as you shake it, the spots fall off to the floor, leaving the foulard a solid color

PRICE:- 26.00 US$ -  Size:- 18 Inch                                           POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:-34.00 US$ -  Size:- 33 Inch                                           POSTAGE FREE



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