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A very elegant wrist chopper which has itís own class. Magician displays this special wrist chopper & cuts pieces of vegetables with the blade. He then asks the spectator to insert his wrist in the disecto & keeps pieces of vegetables in the slots. Now is the time to get thrilled. Magician passes the blade of the disecto through the wrist & cuts the pieces of vegetables. The spectator is about to close his eyes with fear, but magician very gently takes care of everything. This apparatus is very attractive & comes with a beautiful padded carry bag. We are sure that, you can not resist your self from possessing it after seeing it. This trick will enhance your magic act. Ideal for stage / club shows. No practice is required. Simple to perform. The look of it on your performing table will create an impact on the audience.

PRICE:- 101.00 US$                                                                      POSTAGE FREE



A spectator's ring is borrowed and covered with a handkerchief. He is asked to hold the ring in his hand.
As she is holding the ring, you remove a Rubber banded box from velvet bag and place it in full view.
The magician takes the handkerchief and Whisk the handkerchief away from the spectator. The ring has vanished completely!!
The spectator opens the Acrylic box and finds another Acrylic box inside. When she opens this box, He finds yet a third box! Upon opening the third box, again he find forth box in it, he just open the forth box and finally he fifth box and when open this fifth box, he found Heís own ring is found inside.
The Nested Boxes are made in Acrylic. Each box is having different color with brass hinges and. We include all five boxes, the handkerchief, velvet carrying bag and complete routine.

PRICE:- 60.00 US$ - ACRYLIC                                                 POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 45.00 US$ - METAL                                                      POSTAGE FREE



Magician shows a giant size single card from front & back itís three of diamond, then just he shake his hand amazingly all three diamonds changed itís original color in to blue, red & green respectively from both sides, At last magician pull out three silks from the diamonds. Itís new and best for stage act, comes the giant size card with three silks & instruction.

PRICE:- 27.00 US$                   POSTAGE FREE



This is a miniature version of the popular Disecto Arm Chopper effect. Its completely new and transparent version, it can actually SEE through. Performer shows a frame with holes, and a chopper blade, that cuts through beans, or a cigarette placed in the holes. Then he places his (or a spectator's) finger in the hole in the middle of the frame, and amazingly passes the metal blade right through the finger, obviously the finger un-harmed. A very convincing penetration effect, easy to perform. Best for small stage, well made in fine acrylic.

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



The Split ghost tube is Handy & a utility prop for many effects. You can change the silk or use it to produce or vanish items or change one thing to another. In the effect, the magician shows a Square metal tube, which can be folded in the middle. The audience can see right through the tube, and both halves are shown completely empty. After turning the top part of the tube up a production can be made. Once again the tube can be shown empty by folding it in half. A second production can be made from the opposite end of the tube. The load chamber has able to contain a number of silk handkerchiefs. It is very easy to do and recommended for magicians who entertain small audiences and clowns. This is a beautifully finished and stands about 9 inches tall. Comes completely with routine instruction

PRICE:- 24.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



It is so claver than others. Look very clear and opened show White plastic bag folded FLAT and having one side completely see through (transparent). You are standing away from anything like a table. Open the bag, show empty from its transparent side and you just turn the bad reach in, and PULL OUT a large plastic box of colorful flowers! They wonder how he does that? Reach in the bag again, pull out a Second box of flowers! Then pull out a Third box of flowers!! Stack the 2nd box on the 1st, the 3rd box on the 2nd. Looks incredible, a serious production from a flat bag! Well made in PVC plastic.

PRICE:- 25.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



You show two clear empty glasses and a solid plastic square. The two glasses are stacked one on top of the other with the solid plastic square between them. Milk or any other liquid is poured into the upper glass and the liquid remains there as expected.

The glasses are now briefly covered with a silk or any such thing and in an instant the liquid from the top glass magically vanishes from the top glass and re-appears in the bottom glass. Seems like the milk has penetrated the top glass and the solid plastic square. Sounds impossible, but it has just happened right in front of the eyes of the audience!!!

PRICE:- 22.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




A finely machined brass cube having two holes is given for examination. One hole is large enough to allow a steel ball to pass completely through the cube, the other hole is smaller and threaded to accommodate a brass bolt, which is threaded through the cube and securely held in place with a brass nut. The steel ball is placed in the large hole and is seen to pass completely through the cube, having apparently penetrated the bolt, and emerges from the bottom. The entire apparatus may be examined. This Superb pocket trick is entirely self-contained, requires no skill and may be repeated as often as desired.

PRICE:- 26.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




Magician walks on stage carrying a lit torch. The torch is about 14 inches long, and the flames are jumping several inches from the torch. Suddenly, the torch changes into a full size cane! One of these makes a very pretty opening The torch is made by aluminum. We supply the torch & Appearing Cane with complete instruction. Beautifully made.

PRICE:- 29.00 US$ WITH CANE                                               POSTAGE FREE




The Zombie ball rests on your table, cover it with a cloth. Then, while he holds onto the cloth just by the corners the ball begins floating off the table and moving around seemingly on its own! t rises above your head, moves back and forth and then rises up to the top of the scarf and comes to rest on the edge.  You can turn completely around showing the back of the scarf. The ball appears and vanishes behind the scarf, moves around your back, around your neck. To end, the ball comes to rest back on the table and the cloth is removed. These are just a few of the many moves that can be performed with this 5" diameter polished metal ball. Includes everything you need shiny metal zombie ball, gimmick, and it even includes the foulard (scarf). No thread gimmicks so it is easy to use.

PRICE:- 30.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



This Ghost Tube is made from Aluminum, and anodized in black.
In the presentation the performer shows an empty tube, allowing the audience to see right through it. He then produces silks, spring flowers, feather flowers, currency notes, and garlands etc. from the tube.
After producing a few items, you can show the tube empty, then produce some more, and so on. You can of course use any items you fancy in the tube. Some items like currency notes have their own appeal, while other items like silks, paper garlands, and spring flowers expand enormously on the effect, so that the production seems much larger than the tube could possibly hold. Magicians will of course have their own ideas of what they want to produce from this tube. This is a utility prop, and you can adapt it to fit your magical needs in various ways.
The dimensions are: 6.5Ē x 5Ē.
PRICE:- 25.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



A large cane over three feet in length held with between the performer's hands visibly vanishes, or transforms into a pair of silks or ribbons. 
These Canes are made of plastic, and do not have the same spring tension as Steel Canes, and are not suitable for transformation to flowers etc. 
But if your requirement is for just a Vanishing Cane, you can get this model for less than a third of the cost of the other steel models. They are great in appearance, and very affordably priced.
Plastic Vanishing Canes  available in Blue and Green, Black, Red, Silver and Golden. Please specify color thru email when ordering.

PRICE :- 25.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE

PRICE:- 28.00 US$ - GOLDEN                                                   POSTAGE FREE



The completely new design table with umbrella which Give your act the professional look with this all purpose table. You can collect the cards, silks, flowers, etc. into umbrella. This multipurpose table Suitable for every type of act. Top measured 15"X 15" standard height 30". Made a finest quality MDF- Board (Top) Quality plus. Top is covered with velvet & the metal road is powder coated, Strictly professional. Extremely easy prop to carry the table fits completely into your bag. It comes as a set: table roads, top & umbrella.

PRICE:- 45.00 US$                                                                       POSTAGE FREE



Here is a full size Stage illusion that you can carry in your suitcase. The magician is locked in the Canvas Bag, using a solid metal rod and padlocks. A sheet or curtain is held up in front of the locked bag and the magician escapes in a flash. The Bag, the rod, and the padlocks can be examined before and after the performance.

An impressive feat reminiscent of the greatest escape acts of all times! While being clearly and visibly locked in an authentic mailbag with real locks, you manage to escape! Use in conjunction with escape trunks, or by itself. This quality product will provide years of quality service.

No special escape skill is required - the secret is in the special props we supply. But practice is required to get the speed that enables you to make the escape in a quick and clean manner. We supply the custom made Canvas Mail Bag (7 feet high and 3 feet wide approx.), the special metal rod, padlocks, and full instructions.

PRICE:- 80.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



A giant size magic wand approximately 2 feet long multiplies to two, then three and finally four magic wands. A surprising visual effect you can perform anytime during your show.

These wands are made of BLACK plastic which will not peel like paint, or tear like paper. Although they are large, making them suitable for any stage show, you can perform this close-up, or even surrounded after a few handling trials.


PRICE:- 26.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE



Casually show a knife, gleaming blade in full view. Roll up a shirt sleeve and then with one swift movement smash the blade down on your forearm. The blade has penetrated completely through your arm, living flesh sticking to it's edge. This is super visual. Looks unbelievably real! Everything is self-contained.

PRICE:- 69.00 US$                                                                        POSTAGE FREE




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